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Sunday, September 11, 2016

9 Orphans No Mother No Home No Food

9 Orphans No Mother
No Home No Food
Mrs Sheindy Wallace from Yerushalayim tragically passed away at the young age of 33 years old after 
suffering for 2 years with a severe case of cancer.

Sheindy was known to be the most dedicated and loving mother to her 9 beautiful children with the oldest being only 13 years old and the youngest are just 2 year old gorgeous twins who unfortunately never got to know their mother A"H.
She devoted all her time to looking after and bringing up her precious children.

Her dedicated husband has spent the last 2 years caring for his sick wife Sheindy A"H, while trying to balance the role of a father and mother at home. This meant sacrificing his job and income. Although he had worked hard all his life, they lived in her parents apartment as they couldn't afford the rent, were always below the bread line and now even more so.


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